"not just" Food Service
Software, Robotics and Automation.

We are creating new solutions with A.I., Robotics, and Blockchain powered technology for more than just the food service industry!

Our core service offerings support the supply chain from end to end.  We develop and design systems that support augmented or complete automation.

HT BlockChain & BioMetric Networks

Building a future POS on a secure, decentralized block chain network! We support most POS systems and provide enhanced OTT features.

Artificial Intelligence Workflows

The latest in Machine Learning A.I. to enhance the user experiences, while supporting staff interactions. Augmented or Reduction in Force Strategies.

Application Program Interfaces (API)

Lower Cost transactions while improving customer engagement with the latest in ordering, delivery and logistics technology! We develop connectors or webhooks.

Robotics and Automation

We design, manufacture and integrate robotic solutions for many applications. Our Automated workforce solutions support safety and sustainability at its core.

Innovative Solutions

We design, develop and support new technology for our business partners!
We are a software firm with a focus on "not just" Food Tech solutions for the modern world.
"Our goal is to transform the food services industry to a more secure, profitable and autonomous system for merchants and their customers, by leveraging our private blockchain technology, proprietary AI, and new software and hardware solutions."

About Us

We are a global team of Techies, Foodies, Restaurateurs, Sales, Marketing and Software Developers (aka Nerds):).
Raymond Norwood


"We pride ourselves on developing benevolent solutions to serve our partners."

Our Win Win attitude is backed by a team of technology enthusiasts, restaurant entrepreneurs, developers and all around good natured food techies, enabling us to serve the merchants who feed us each and every day. We support the hard work and dedication of our merchant partners, and we know the challenges they face each and every day, this allows us to create and support them in ways that other competitors fall short. We are always seeking like minded partners and team members to join our team and help us make a difference.


We have plenty of room for highly skilled, motivated and talented people. Partnerships welcome.
For Partnerships, API and System Integrations please contact us at Info@HungryTek.com.


The people behind our success and innovation.
Waqas Shahid

At the core of every great tech company is a software developer who has mastered many of the skills needed to code, grow and train a team of like-minded developers. Waqas leads a team of developers and has been developing software as a service platforms for over 10 years.

Fahad Azeem

Fahad is an experienced and talented forward thinker, highly motivated developer. His experience and hands-on practice with a suite of different technologies and programming languages allows him to provide rapid development and training to our team.

Chuck Bretz

Chuck is an experienced attorney who has also built Chuck Bretz & Associates, P.C. a dynamic law firm featuring distinguished and accomplished attorneys advising on multiple commercial matters.

Dino Guglietta
Senior Tech Advisor/Angel

Every tech start-up needs advisors with years of experience and commitment in their field. Dino has a passion for technology and food that spans across many years and areas of expertise. He has worked with many organizations in the tech space and has held numerous roles in the food service industry.

Sajid Riaz
Senior Software Architect

Sajid has developed and manages a suite of services instrumental to our success. He has over 10 years of development and leadership experience as Full Stack development expert.

Harold Kestenbaum
Senior Board Advisor

Harold has served as franchise counsel to many regional, national and international franchise companies in many diverse industries. Harold's expertise in franchise law is enhanced by his practical experience in serving as the chief executive officer of a national franchisor and in serving as director of numerous nationally and internationally known franchisors; experiences that are rare and unique in the area of franchise law.

Edward Anderson
Senior Legal Advisor

Ed provides key advise and support on all business matters, with a focus on securities law. Prior to joining Chuck Bretz & Associates, Ed was in private practice concentrating in securities law, consulting on alternative dispute resolution before FINRA, CBOE and CME and consulting on securities regulatory matters.

Shimon Tavdi
Senior Automation Advisor

Shimon has many years of experience in manufacturing and automation. He has designed some of the most effecient conveyors with robots, and supports many of our customers automation needs.

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